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'Titan Mount' | Bike Phone Holder

'Titan Mount' | Bike Phone Holder

'Titan Mount' | Bike Phone Holder

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Viewing your phone while active has never been easier...

Whether you're on your bike for a leisurely cruise, or hardcore trail riding it is important your phone is safe and secure, while also being easily accessible so you never miss an important call or the opportunity for a beautiful photo.

This Universal GPS Bike Phone Stand is compatible with any bike or scooter handlebar and also be used on strollers, motorcycles, shopping carts, (and anything else, get creative!)   Once tightened it will keep your phone in the desired position on any terrain while allowing flexibility for all your favorite viewing angles.


The dual-stage lock is effortlessly fortified, so you can ride with confidence over bumps and jumps knowing that your iPhone isn’t going anywhere your bike isn’t.


Simply twist and lock to view apps such as Apple® maps as you ride. Detach just as easily so you don’t miss a photo opportunity or important phone call. Remember, it’s all in the technique, not the force.


Adjust your phone to the perfect viewing angle so you can clearly see what matters most.  Whether you are watching youtube while trail riding (not sure why you would be doing that) or facetiming a friend on a downhill excursion, the 360 viewing angle gives you all the capability and more.

One mount for everything

Easily mount your phone to your car, Wall, bike, and so much more!  The best, strongest, and most effective solution on the market!

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Package Includes:

1 x Bike Phone Holder

2 x Adhesive  3M™ Phone connector 

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